3 Decor Trends That Are Already Emerging in 2019

Image credit: Value City Furniture via  apartmenttherapy.com

Image credit: Value City Furniture via apartmenttherapy.com

Even if it feels like winter will never end, 2019 is already barreling along, and several of the year’s trends are beginning to crystallize. We’re seeing people work new texture, line, and scale into their spaces in ways that emphasize comfort just as much as style. In short, comfy is in. These three mood boards show some of the themes of what’s trending:

Trend #1: Luxe Fabric

decor trends - luxe fabric

It’s looking like the Age of Staying In will continue into 2019, which may explain why warm, inviting velvet is emerging as this year’s go-to fabric. Pair up energizing shades of green and calming deep blue for a nature-inspired feel.

Trend 2. Rounded Edges

trend 2 - round edges

Crisp, contemporary lines aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Still, we’re seeing many people looking for what else is out there and embracing pieces that take a gentler shape.

Trend 3. Oversized Proportion


Big doesn’t have to mean heavy: A generous shape in a light neutral or bright hue adds to, instead of detracts from, your space. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid of oversizing in a small space—you might have the urge to go for more elfin furniture, but often it creates a dollhouse effect that emphasizes the tininess.

While it's certainly true that trends come and go, we find it still holds value to be aware of 'what's hot and what's not', particularly with regard to, for example, the sale of ones home. 

Think about staging for instance -- knowing how to present your home in a consumer-friendly way is key to drumming up interest, and one way to do that is by using the right pieces of furniture, art work, and home accessories that are in keeping with current styles. Food for thought!

Source: apartmenttherapy.com