How We Sell Homes Faster Than Our Competition: Part 2 - Landing Pages

Landing Pages - The Glazer Team

Last week, I discussed the power of video to help market and promote your home to a wider audience. If you missed that one, you can read the post here.

This week, we're talking custom websites and landing pages.

So, what is a landing page? 

Simply put, a landing page is a standalone (destination) web page, created specifically for one single purpose.

That purpose could be getting people to register for an event, download an eBook, or in the case of real estate, register their interest in your home!

Whatever that purpose, a landing page is where a visitor “lands” when they’ve clicked on an ad or link.

These websites are designed in such a way so as to encourage visitors to take a desired action, through the use of a call to action (CTA).

In very simple terms, that action typically involves a visitor providing their contact information in exchange for something in return. The piece of content or information they are enticed to inquire about is known as a ‘lead magnet.’

For example, a landing page built for the purpose of promoting a home buyers guide might include a call to action along the lines of… “Wondering where to begin the home buying process in New York City? Enter your information and we’ll send you our free home buyers guide!”

The site itself would typically highlight the benefits of obtaining the resource, and include things like a brief bio on the author, testimonials from other visitors who have downloaded the guide, and a highly optimized lead capture form to obtain the contact information.

OK, so how does this all relate to selling your home?

Remember that 4 bedroom triplex in Greenwich Village we showcased in our last blog post? The one with the hide & seek video?

Well, you guessed it. We also created a landing page for that website. Below is a snapshot of what that landing page looked like.

303 mercer.png

But how did you get visitors to find your landing page?

We used the video we previously discussed to create highly targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to attract leads and get them to visit our website. Once on our website, we directed them to book a showing, as shown with the blue button above.

To book a showing, the visitors would have to register their information with us.

Once we captured their information, it was just a matter of further qualifying them, nurturing them, and scheduling times for them to see the property. 

The end result?

We managed to generate a ton of leads this way and put the home under contract to boot!

By now it should be clear as to the benefits of building landing pages and creating digital marketing campaigns when it comes to selling your home. In an ever increasing digital age, it pays to be across these platforms in order to capture a growing chunk of the market who are beginning their home search online. If you or your broker aren’t doing this, you’re simply missing a large portion of the buying market. And that’s never a good thing.

You can read more about landing pages here.