How We Sell Homes Faster Than Our Competition: Part 3 - Press

The Power of Press - Real Estate Marketing

If you recall, last week I discussed the power of leveraging websites and landing pages to help generate qualified buyer leads for the sale of your home. 

This week, I'm going to talk about the power of press.

As Oscar Wilde put it, "there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." 

In this digital age, that couldn't be more true. 

But how does this relate to the sale of your home? Well, let me tell you!

Prior to the emergence of the internet and the information age, sellers had limited ground to cover in regards to the different platforms and avenues they had to reach end buyers.

Traditionally, the sale of your home was done primarily by way of holding open houses, running some print ads, door knocking, and sending direct mail (post cards) to neighboring properties. Oh, and we also had our friends, family, and professional network that we could leverage. Sound about right?

Now a days, consumers are beginning their house hunt online, and with the internet, the real estate for advertising is limitless.

If you’re selling your home, you can now reach consumers over a variety of mediums any time of day.

So are you currently leveraging these platforms?

I previously highlighted a case study on how we leveraged social media to help promote an off-market listing to generate qualified buyer leads, resulting in a signed contract in just 14 days. That again, is just one of the new avenues available to us.

But today is about press. So back to the topic at hand.

We are regularly featured in industry leading publications including The New York Times, Curbed, The Real Deal, 6sqft, and CityRealty among many others.

How do we get featured? Good question!

We create buzz-worthy content around the homes we represent, and we do this by ‘keeping a close ear to the ground.’

Remember the Kiki Dance Challenge―that strange but equally intriguing dance challenge to Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ track that took the world by storm for several months in the middle of 2018?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of what we’re talking about. But if you’re not, this viral video dance trend typically featured someone (or animal!) dancing alongside a moving car to the Canadian singer’s record.

Jay attempts the KiKi dance challenge for 49 West 12th Street, 3H.

Jay attempts the KiKi dance challenge for 49 West 12th Street, 3H.

How this began or why it became so popular we may never know.

But as is the nature of viral video content - in you guessed it, this digital age - some things just take off like wild fire.

And when they do, we take notice.

That being the case, we decided to leverage this cultural phenomenon by creating our own KiKi dance challenge video for our listing at 49 West 12th Street, Apartment 3H, a small studio in Greenwich Village.

The result?

Over 10,000 views across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and a strong response from the market with some buyers even sending the listing to their brokers bookmarking it as a place to see.

To boot, the video was picked up by several publications that further bolstered our coverage and exposure of the property.

Take CityRealty, for example, who published this incredibly flattering article praising our creative marketing efforts.

CityRealty Article - Jay Glazer

Here’s a small excerpt from that article:

As viral videos do, they spread everywhere. And though the real estate world has become a leader in design and technology trends, it is usually unaffected by internet trends… until now! 

Jay Glazer, an energetic broker with Corcoran, just changed that. Replacing the typical staid virtual tours, Glazer created a #Kikichallenge video virtual tour to promote his listing at 49 West 12th Street, #3H. The result is hysterical — as well as being super informative.

In his real estate listing version, Glazer, smartly, gets out of a stopped car and dances on the sidewalk alongside the listing’s building. He then proceeds to dance/strut throughout the building and unit and show all of the listing’s features and personalities (the super and doorman).

It’s fun, fresh and amusing. It does everything a virtual tour does, with spunk. Yes, it takes advantage of a passing trend... but it is very likely that by the time the viral video has run its course, this listing will be sold!

Press translates to exposure

With roughly 16,500 people visiting CityRealty every day (500,000 visitors a month), that’s a ton of exposure we were able to generate for our seller. A ton of exposure that we wouldn’t have, had we not creatively and aggressively sought it out.

Now ask yourself, does that type of marketing sound like something that would help sell your home?

Our thoughts exactly.