How We Sell Homes Faster Than Our Competition: Part 4 - Cross Content Posting

Cross content posting - The Glazer Team

As we discussed last week, the marketing landscape has changed over the past decade

We now live in an age where content and news is consumed across a range of platforms and devices at any given time. 

That being the case, this weeks topic is all about cross content posting

So, what is cross content posting?

Simply put, cross-posting means taking one traditional piece of content (say a listing video) and sharing it across multiple social channels at once.

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

The last thing you want to do is take that one piece of content, and simply post the exact same thing across all your platforms.

Each social media platform these days has its own unique set of capabilities, requirements, restraints, and language.

You need to take that piece of content and re-purpose it so that it’s optimized for the platform on which you’re publishing it.

For example, Instagram allows a maximum video time of 60 seconds on a static post and 15 seconds on a story, while Facebook and YouTube allow you to post much longer form content.

Then there’s things like caption lengths, image formatting, and vocabulary which all vary from platform to platform.

So again, be sure optimize your content and marketing efforts across each platform!

OK, got it. But how does this relate to selling real estate?

In many, many ways.

For today, let’s relate it to the way we create video content for our listings.

When we create our videos, we make sure we have different versions with different running times and dimensions suited to each of the platforms we want to publish on.

Below is an example of two different videos we created for 252 Seventh Avenue. On the left is a 15 second version we created for Instagram Story while on the right we have our full length video we created for YouTube and our website.

Instagram Story: 15 Second Video

YouTube: 2:45 Full Length Video

Why would I want to advertise and market my home through Instagram’s Stories?

Although a relatively new feature to Instagram, it’s estimated that roughly 500 million people use stories every single day, with more than one-third of the most viewed stories being posted by businesses. According to TechCrunch, one in five of Story posts received a direct message from users.

What’s this all mean? It means A LOT of people are on Instagram every day, and creating content for Stories is a great way of capturing their attention.

We specifically use our Stories to generate buzz and create interest around our listings by providing a small teaser of the full length video.

To watch the full video, we use a strong Call to Action (CTA) to drive users to the website of our listing, thereby increasing traffic to our listings.

More traffic equals more eyeballs - always a good thing. After all, wouldn’t you want to be tapping into the behemoth audience that is Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube when selling your home?

Below are some more examples of how we’ve re-purposed the same video across our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook Post - Video Promotion

Facebook Post - Video Promotion

Instagram Post - Video Promotion

Instagram Post - Video Promotion

Below are some additional Stories we created to promote 252 Seventh Avenue. You can see the use of eye-catching captions, @tags, photos + video, and questions to drive engagement.

You’ll also notice that all of these Stories are saved under a Instagram Highlight, ‘Listings’, so that people can continue to view the content long after it traditionally expires (24 hours).

By now you should have an idea as to the importance and value in cross content posting and why you should always optimize your content for each platform.

Is your broker marketing your home across each of these platforms? And are they considering how to leverage each of these platforms to generate the most traffic, engagement, and interest? I hope they are!

If not, you know who to call ;)

You can read more about cross content promoting here.