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10 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know

A good real estate agent will guide a buyer through the purchase process from start to finish, but knowledge is power, and speaking the language will make you a savvier home shopper. And just as coffee ordered “light and sweet” means cream and sugar in New York City, the Big Apple has a dialect of real-estate speak with a few unique twists. Prime your vocabulary with these 10 essential terms.

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5 Key Tips on How to Win A Bidding War

Today we are going to talk about my five super-secret tips on how to win a bidding war. We find ourselves in a number of bidding wars right now on behalf of our clients, and I said, why not share the tips of what we're doing on behalf of our clients to ensure that they're going to win said bidding war? And here are the tips, going to jump right in.

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What's Happening In The NYC Real Estate Market Right Now?

Everyone always wants to know - what’s happening in the market? The best response I can give is actually a question back: Well, what market are you in? Are you a buyer, a seller, a renter, or a landlord? There are always opportunities in every market, but the answer is different depending on what type of consumer you are. 

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