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Exploring NYC's Greenwich Village With Jay Glazer

This past month I got to shoot a really fun video with Corcoran as part of their ‘Local Next Door’ series―a video series that highlights different neighborhoods and boroughs of New York through the lens of local brokers. Born and bred here, I’ve spent the better part of 33 years in the vibrant neighborhood, and am very happy that I was able to showcase some of the things that I hold dear.

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You Before Me: Why We Need to Return to Old Aged Values

I believe we are living in the ME age – everything is centered around being in the spotlight, being the center of attention. We have presidential candidates who do everything they can to grab the next headline, and reality tv shows that attempt to glorify the mundane – bringing attention to housewives, love seekers, and real estate agents alike. Yes, let's not forget shows like Million Dollar Listing, which has brought so much attention to the life of an agent often times making it seem larger than life.

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