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Tom Ferry's Marketing Edge Real Estate Conference

Yesterday Jay Glazer had the privilege of joining Jason Pantana on stage at Tom Ferry's Charlotte Marketing Edge with guest panelists The Carl Hawthorne Team and Jasmin Bradley.

Jay discussed some of the teams successes, challenges, and things he wish he knew when starting out.

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Interest Rates are Hiking! A MUST READ If You Are Considering Buying or Selling Your Home

In a very spooky HALLOWEEN episode of Guidance by Glazer we were joined by a special guest, Eric Stam from Citizens Bank, one of our preferred mortgage bankers. We discussed the current interest rate environment and its implication on buyers in NYC, a hot topic right now. Tune in to find out where they're at, where they've been and where they're likely heading!

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Q3 Market Report - It's Time For An Update People!

It's time for a recap on Q3, 2018 people! Don't you want to know how many contracts were signed? Why the market has shifted? What the current state of the market is? Or where we're heading in Q4? Of course you do. Which is why you need to tune in and watch Jay break it all down in real terms. No fluff, no nonsense. Just the real deal explained in logical terms. Now that's #GuidancebyGlazer.

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It's A Buyers Market in New York City

Last week on my video series Guidance by Glazer which you can check out on our team’s Facebook page, I talked about the ways in which you can detect it’s a buyer’s market. Given that we are seeing a clear cut shift in consumer command (i.e who controls the market), I thought it relevant to share those tips this week.

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