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Why You Need to Stage Your Home to Sell in NYC

Getting your home ready for sale requires effort, time, and a dedicated team of professionals who know what they’re doing. From purging, scrubbing, staging, and shooting, there’s a long list of work you need to do if you really want to present your home in the best possible light - and unless you’re willing to dial down your price expectations, and you aren’t, you’ve got a little manual labor ahead of you.

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The Over Improved Home—The Dangers of Renovating Too Much

What does the over-improved property mean? That means a home that has maybe been renovated a little too much and therefore value and home renovations are in-congruence with one another. So if you are an owner, what are the implications if you over improve your home or if you're a buyer, what are the implications if you're trying to buy an over-improved home?

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