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10 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know

A good real estate agent will guide a buyer through the purchase process from start to finish, but knowledge is power, and speaking the language will make you a savvier home shopper. And just as coffee ordered “light and sweet” means cream and sugar in New York City, the Big Apple has a dialect of real-estate speak with a few unique twists. Prime your vocabulary with these 10 essential terms.

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Triple P: The Power of Pre-Sale Preparation

It’s not new to say that the market has shifted: prices are softening across the board and even ultra-hot markets like Clinton Hill, Brooklyn are starting to slow down. Inventory has ticked up and buyer demand has cooled. What does this mean? Well for one, what it doesn’t mean is that the real estate market is dead or doomed or anything so absolute. It means that everyone will have to be a little more strategic, a little more thoughtful about buying and selling, and work a little bit harder.

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Four Important Tips for Selling in the Changing Market

From 2011 through 2015, it was smooth sailing for real estate brokers.
Well... at least on the listing side.  The market was very strong: prices continued to appreciate, inventory remained low, and as a result, sellers (and their brokers) had it made. But during this frenzied buying period, the preparation a broker must give to a listing in order to optimize the sale when it goes to market (or rather, the broker's attention to detail, if you will) was lost in the heat of the buyer's market. What does this mean, exactly?

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