Why Creative Real Estate Video Marketing Works

303 Mercer Street, B102 - Jay Glazer, The Glazer Team at The Corcoran Group

303 Mercer Street, B102 - Jay Glazer, The Glazer Team at The Corcoran Group

We love waking up to good news.

Today we woke up to find our new listing, 303 Mercer Street B102, featured prominently in CityRealty as part of their ‘Great Listings’ series.

The article very kindly praised our video marketing efforts and creative approach to real estate listing videos — something we put a lot of time, attention, and thought toward. To be recognized for these efforts only helps solidify our long-held view that innovative video marketing, particularly when it comes to listing videos, is the way to go. Going ‘above and beyond’ truly pays off in the long-run and is worth all the extra hours of creative work.

We maintained this approach with one of our previous listing videos, originally featured in CityRealty as well. You may remember it as the ‘Kiki Challenge’ video at 49 West 12th Street. That video generated over 7,000 views and closed just a few weeks ago. The video not only helped bring attention to the listing in a fun, culturally relevant way, but helped the team from a unique branding perspective as well — two birds with one stone.

But back to 303 Mercer.

The objective here was simple: showcase the unique nature of this 4 bedroom triplex.

The method: a hide and seek style video.

Here’s what CityRealty had to say:

Glazer and his team have outdone themselves. For their stunning four-bed, two-and-a-half bath loft-like listing at 303 Mercer Street, Glazer has produced an equally stunning short film with the most ingenious way to show off the unit’s beautiful rooms and spacious multiple levels. This latest video follows three children playing hide-and-seek to Moby’s upbeat song “Honey” in the airy and bright apartment. The small size of the children highlights the home’s 13-foot ceilings and oversized windows. The many places the children find to hide and seek and their abundant energy show off all the closets, the kitchen ladder, the stunning floating steel architectural staircase and all of the fun ins and outs of the apartment.
— Michelle Sinclair Colman, CityRealty

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is once more!