You Before Me: Why We Need to Return to Old Aged Values

I believe we are living in the ME age – everything is centered around being in the spotlight, being the center of attention. We have presidential candidates who do everything they can to grab the next headline, and reality tv shows that attempt to glorify the mundane – bringing attention to housewives, love seekers, and real estate agents alike. Yes, let's not forget shows like Million Dollar Listing, which has brought so much attention to the life of an agent often times making it seem larger than life.

But this has presented a systemic problem I’m seeing as of late in our industry. As difficult as it may be for some agents to grasp and remember, our clients – YOU – are more important thant we are. A successful agent does not a celebrity make, and it's important for us to remember this. I recall dining at Gotham Bar and Grill here in New York City. For over 30 years it's been one of the city’s most landmarked restaurants. Of everything it does right, nothing is better than the service. What makes it so good? You get everything you would expect – and don’t even realize its happening so seamlessly. The servers do a magnificent job of providing incredible service while allowing you to focus on your delicious meal and not on them. 

Being a great agent is no different – it's our job first and foremost to focus on the client and the services we are providing to them. To ensure that the transaction is moving seamlessly and the client can stay focused on their future purchase or sale. Sometimes, almost to an unsung level, we must provide such great “behind the curtain” service that our clients don’t know just how hard we are working for them. And they shouldn’t, as it's their transaction, their home, and their money. We are the facilitators of the deal, not the centerpiece. 

Our greatest satisfaction should not come from the attention we get from our clients or the media. Rather, we should look within and know we have just provided excellent service to a happy client who has just completed one of the most significant if not the most significant transaction of their life.