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Tom Ferry's Marketing Edge Real Estate Conference

Yesterday Jay Glazer had the privilege of joining Jason Pantana on stage at Tom Ferry's Charlotte Marketing Edge with guest panelists The Carl Hawthorne Team and Jasmin Bradley.

Jay discussed some of the teams successes, challenges, and things he wish he knew when starting out.

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Trumped Up! The Impact of the Trump Presidency on the NYC Housing Market

I think it’s safe to say that not many of us here in the (mostly) blue state of New York were expecting Donald Trump to get elected president. Political opinions aside, it’s the new reality, and with such uncertainty and surprise, there are surely to be ramifications top to bottom on the political, economic, social, and ecological stages. Having said this, we are here in New York City, and we are homeowners, so let me get down to brass tacks on how I think his election will affect our housing market.

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My New York Homecoming

Yesterday, October 3rd, marked a homecoming for me. As a native New Yorker and a native to 12th street in Greenwich Village, I consider downtown Manhattan my hub. I, like so many of us, am a creature of comfort and despite living in a “big” city, feel right at home in the Village. Not to mention my office is on 14th street and 5th avenue. So after around two and a half years in Brooklyn, my girlfriend and I moved back to Greenwich Village yesterday. 

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