40 Sutton Place, 3HJ

3 Bed 2.5 Bath Condo Sutton Place


CC: $2,846 Taxes: $1,768

Here's Why We Love This Home

 Reason #1: Layout

Sometimes a home is being sold at a discount or for value because it is a flawed home – lack of light, challenged configuration, inherent flaws. When you look at the floor plan of this home it just makes sense – good bedroom size, bathrooms where you would want them to belong, good exposure, and ample room for living and dining. It’s a good layout that doesn’t require a lot of imagination.

Reason #2: Price

What’s a deal of the week without a compelling price? Priced below $1,000 per foot for a 3-bedroom CONDO is almost unheard of. Even the building average is over $1,000 per foot and here’s a true 3-bedroom priced at close to $900 per foot. Doesn’t really matter how you add it up, this is a deal.

Reason #3: Motivation

I tell many of my clients that despite varying market conditions, it always takes a willing dance partner to strike a great deal. Based on the pricing history of this home it seems that the seller is committed to selling after a series of continued price drops. As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot!

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