The most up to date New York residential real estate market reports, tracked quarterly across the Manhattan & Brooklyn markets.



Manhattan Q1 2019

Manhattan set a new record in first quarter of 2019 with the closing of the highest priced home ever sold in the United States.

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Manhattan February 2019

Similar to last month, the condo and co-op markets performed very differently: condo sales again declined by double-digits while co-ops experienced another slight uptick in contracts signed.

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Manhattan Q4 2018

The Fourth Quarter 2018 Manhattan real estate market faced familiar headwinds experienced earlier in the year as buyers hesitated despite moderating prices and more availability.

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Manhattan Q3 2018

Manhattan buyers remained cautious during Third Quarter 2018 due to lingering concerns over new tax implications and the continuing belief that prices will reduce further.

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Manhattan Q2 2018

Manhattan market activity cooled in Second Quarter 2018, noting fewer closed sales, more inventory, and steadying prices.

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Manhattan Q1 2018

It was a mixed quarter for the Manhattan market with reduced sales, inventory on the rise and price statistics settling down.

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Brooklyn Q2 2019

Although Brooklyn sales fell short of last year’s best spring selling season on record, in context, Second Quarter 2019 was still relatively strong.

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Brooklyn Q1 2019

At the start of 2019, Brooklyn buyers faced still-lingering uncertainty in the market surrounding the effects of tax reform while sellers grappled with downward pressure on prices.

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Brooklyn February 2019

During February, Brooklyn saw mixed market indicators including rising price statistics and lower contract activity, but also level days on market and declining inventory.

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Brooklyn Q4 2018

Brooklyn ended 2018 by following earlier quarters’ trends with overall sales slightly slowing but also shifting to lower-cost areas.

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Brooklyn Q3 2018

Following one of the most active quarters’ in recent years, sales activity in Brooklyn varied widely across neighborhoods and product types.

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Brooklyn Q2 2018

Brooklyn exhibited varied market signals this quarter as buyers continued to endure supply constraints at lower price points and sellers experienced tempered demand at the high-end.

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Brooklyn Q1 2018

Sales activity in Brooklyn remained solid, registering above the five-year average while inventory continued to plummet.

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