Explore one of New York’s most iconic neighborhoods, with a private tour from a born and bred local.

Perhaps one of New York’s most iconic neighborhoods, Greenwich Village is that rare blend of bohemianism and downtown charm. The epicenter of the city’s 1960’s counterculture movement and home to NYU, the tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village offer something for all its eclectic residents.

From some of the city’s best restaurants, to independent movie theaters and comedy clubs, to beautiful brownstones and historic buildings, Greenwich Village truly has it all. At its heart is Washington Square Park, where people from all walks of life mingle around the central plaza. From students sunbathing on the lawns during summer, to jazz-playing buskers testing out their chops, this historic park is ideal for people watching.

Born and raised in the neighborhood, Jay knows these streets like the back of his hand. Come along as we explore some of our favorite local hangouts, iconic institutions and lesser known hot spots around the village.


Welcome to The West 4th Street Courts, AKA "The Cage"

One of the most fearsome street courts in NYC and the stomping grounds for many up and coming NBA players, we take a closer look at the infamous “Cage” in Greenwich Village.

B&H Dairy Kosher Restaurant: The Best Jewish Food In Greenwich Village

There's borscht, blintzes & matzo ball soup on the menu of this old-school, circa-1940 kosher diner in the East Village.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Welcome to B&H Dairy Kosher Restaurant! ⁣⁣ Join us as Jay shows us around one of his all time favorite locales and tastes some of the delicious foods on offer!