Jay Glazer is a New York City real estate professional unlike any other. Working with Jay means that you will always receive a fair and honest assessment of any property. He does his homework, works closely with outstanding legal and support staff, and enables his clients to embrace deals with a great sense of confidence. As long as I live in New York City, I will turn to Jay for property advice.
— Bryan Goldberg, Founder & CEO Bustle
Jay takes care of it. I’m not the easiest guy to please and my experience with Jay makes me want to buy a home three times over.
— David Chang, Momofuku
From a late night kick off call where he explained us the differences between a coop and a condo, to a hearty handshake and gifts at closing, Jay held our hand throughout the whole process. And at any step along the way, if you need someone from finance to flooring, he’s got a guy. A huge thanks to Jay and The Glazer Team.
— Adam N, Buyer

Jay Glazer is the best broker you could imagine. He handled every step of the process with ease, a sense of humor, and excellence. He’s the real deal - not someone doing this as a day job.
— Josh Atwill Pais, Actor and Coach
Jay demonstrated unfailing energy, a thorough knowledge of the market, a sound grasp for negotiating, and a sensitive ability to coach and educate rather than to force the process.
— Robert E. Harvey, The Ashforth Company
Jay is fantastic - responsive 7 days a week, very knowledgeable and helpful. His team was also great to work with! I would recommend Jay to anyone in NYC looking for a great agent.
— Doug DelBene

The perfect balance of New York original mixed with old school New York soul….Jay knows how to get deals done in NYC with alacrity, creativity, good humor, genuine care and most importantly, integrity. Whether it’s a first time buyer or a seasoned New York real estate vet, you would be hard pressed to find a better guide through a NYC real estate transaction than Jay Glazer. A client first, day and night, can-do spirit and hey, his glasses are pretty cool too! What more can you ask for in your Broker!
— Craig L. Price, Partner Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman
As a first time home buyer, I couldn’t have asked for someone better than Jay to help me through this process. From our first conversation I felt like he only had my best interests in mind and I really felt at ease from beginning to end. Jay was extremely responsive and I felt he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and comfortable with every decision. When I was away on vacation he went to an open house for me and FaceTimed me just so I could get a glimpse of an apartment I really wanted to see! I can’t say enough about Jay and his team. I hope some of my friends and family want to buy an apartment in New York soon so they can work with Jay and have the same amazing experience I had.
— Elissa Feldman, First Home Buyer

If I could give 100 stars, I would. Jay and his team provided me with unparalleled service. As a first time home buyer, I was very new and unfamiliar with essentially every part of the NYC real estate transaction process. Jay walked me through the entire process with patience, diligence and compassion for my anxieties as a first-time home buyer. Jay is an immense source of knowledge on the real estate market in NYC and his expertise is clear in every step of the process. I actually met Jay over four years ago when I was just starting to stabilize myself financially and curious about the NYC real estate market. He offered to meet and discuss the topic with me and see some apartments, which we did one afternoon. From that point, it took me four years to be in the financial position to actually buy something that made sense, but during all that time he was a resource for me to learn and see. When it came time to actually buy, he was able to provide guidance without ever pushing me, but I was still able to lean on him to help me make smart choices. In my particular case, negotiations were drawn out as was the entire contract/closing period due to some unforeseen complications, but Jay guided me through it and ultimately I got exactly what I wanted, where I wanted, at the price I wanted (I’m elated!). Jay really goes above and beyond for his clients—making each of us feel like we are his top priority. Can’t recommend him enough!
— Shira Adler, First Home Buyer
Jay Glazer helped me purchase my first home in New York. We decided to work with Jay because he showed deep knowledge of the market, was extremely patient with us as first-time buyers, and, most importantly, wasn’t trying to make ANY deal happen—he waited with us for the RIGHT deal. Not only was he a great agent, but also, he was a fantastic coach through the complicated process of purchasing an apartment in New York.

Jay is extremely responsive and will make himself (or a member of his team) available for anything. We went out on countless open houses with them. That was helpful as Jay’s team was able to synthesize our feedback and views on all properties.

I would definitely recommend Jay and his team to my friends and family. He made the purchasing experience interesting, enjoyable, and stress-free. I am glad we found Jay and will absolutely work with him again.
— Christian Grados, First Home Buyer

When we started to explore buying our next apartment in Manhattan Jay was the first call we made. We leveraged Jay’s network to build a great transaction team. Jay had resent personal experience with our prospective building and his knowledge was instrumental in making sure we were getting great value for our purchase. Not to mention, he was able to appropriately guide us through the board approval process. Our home purchase was pretty easy and stress free and we have Jay to thank for all his help to make that the case. Jay once again proved to be a great real estate agent, a great guy and a great friend. Give him a call!
— Hillary Solomon
We couldn’t have had a better experience working with Jay — we walked away with not only our first home, but an increased knowledge of Brooklyn real estate and plenty of A+ recommendations as well. During a process that’s often confusing, frustrating, and scary, the Glazer Group kept things grounded by being incredibly reachable (if you have a question, you will get a response within five minutes) and incredibly supportive. Plus, Jay is just a super dope guy on top of everything else! I can’t imagine jumpstarting buying a home without him. Thanks for everything, guys!
— Kate Ward, First Home Buyer